luisa caruso - psychotherapy - sessions


Please call on 0845 6809078
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Sessions last for fifty minutes and are usually at the same time and place each week.

At the initial consultation (also fifty minutes duration), we will discuss why you are coming for therapy at this time and explore whether we are able to work together. Luisa will seek to refer you to another practitioner or service if necessary.

Fees are discussed with the client in the initial consultation, and may vary depending on the time of day and length of therapy.

Luisa can offer, for example:

  • Short-term counselling, usually 8 sessions
  • using the Cognitive Analytic Therapy model, 24 sessions
  • Longer-term psychotherapy, usually considered more than a year

The minimum commitment is 6 sessions, which may allow for an extended assessment of the individual’s concerns.

Please contact Luisa if you wish to arrange an initial consultation.